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The ZYG 808

“If I make the room PHUNKY, I’m Playing my position.”

The ZYG 808 (pronounced ‘Zee Why Gee’ Eight-0h-Eight)  is a world-class, Grammy nominated producer, composer, performer, and recording artist of Afrobeats, EDM, and Hip-Hop.  A leading figure in the Southcoast Thump & Soul music movement; he is definitely doing his part to bring the good vibes music to the people.

From coming on the scene at the age of 7 as an Afro-percussion session player, to headlining the Boston Jazz Fest at age 11 as a drummer, to becoming a Grammy nominated hip-hop artist and producer; we have gotten to watch the evolution of The ZYG 808 as a rising musical force. A creator of music ranging from feel good, ambient grooves and flows to energizing, hardcore, club banging beats topped with old-school style MCing and lyrics, or rawly mellow vocalizing. The ZYG 808’s sound can be described as a genre-bending blend of Afrobeats, rock, hip-hop, and jazz.

When he’s not rocking the mic at a show; The ZYG 808 loves the background side of making music. He is a staff producer for Polyphonic Studios, working with edm, Afrobeats, rock, folk, and hip-hop artists. He is the drummer for The GroovaLottos, and DJs dance parties; blending soul, pop, hip-hop, edm, and Afrobeats at various venues, events and festivals. “No matter the mic, turn tables or behind a drum kit/ The ZYG 808’s about keeping the room lit.”


  • The ZYG 808 - \"PIONEERS\" The ZYG 808 breaks down the history of Hip-Hop and beyond with this fat little piece.

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