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Teresa Baksa

This artist is a Creative Exchange member of the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod.

When I am in the studio, or painting outside, or when I am working directly from a model, I let intuition rule my world. It is more a world of feeling and sensation, but imagined from what I see or sense in the natural world. Feelings that cannot be expressed in words, can be expressed through art. The wonderful thing about art is that it enables the artist to tap into the universal language of the soul. That inner language of color, form, ideas, and feeling can ripple into a much larger, living existence when the artist’s creations are experienced by others, and that is the artist’s elusive reward.

I work with traditional materials: oil, watercolor, pastel, and charcoal, and I never tire of them. I often combine two or more mediums in my works. If I am not working directly from nature, then I will usually begin studio paintings from a series of smaller studies first in order to work out ideas, color, space, and composition.

Teresa Baksa Education

I am a graduate of Harvard University Extension School, A.L.B. cum laude, 1989, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Montserrat College of Art, Diploma of Four Year Study in Painting and Drawing, 1979, Beverly, Massachusetts. I have been influenced in the figurative tradition by my study with artist and Montserrat College of Art founder Joseph Jeswald, and by renowned Provincetown artist Salvatore Del Deo. I also studied non-objective painting with artist Paul Scott, who was a student of and personal secretary to Hans Hoffman. At Harvard

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  • In The Cliff Shadow, oil on linen, 36" x 30"

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