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Rebecca Catron


I am an alto singer /percussionist, a Cape Cod native, and a Chatham local. I grew up in Harwich Port where my dad owned The Lincoln Lodge and Mary Todd Motel for 35 years. I grew up listening to the acoustic musicians playing in the lounge at the lodge. My dad gave some of the well-known musicians their first start at the lodge. Like the Hennessy brothers, Michael DeAngelis just to name a few. I have sung lead in some popular bands back in the ’80s and ’90s 2000’s Rare Breed, The Natives, and Cease Fire. Singing Rock, Reggae, Ska, Motown, and Country. At the present moment, I am doing acoustic covers from the 60s to 2000s A little bit of everything. I incorporate my percussion to the best backtracks from a guitarist I work with online. I have written songs with Rare Breed and the Cease Fire band. I consider myself a Hippie/Rocker and I am for hire!


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