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Dawn Rosell

I began my journey to this passion of making jewelry because I couldn’t find pieces that let me shine through. Everything was mass produced and oh so bland. I never want my jewelry to feel this way. I want every piece to make a statement about you. Natural gemstones are incredibly unique and have personalities too, making them a wonderful reflection of you. Every nook and cranny, every variation can speak to a person drawing them into a place of wonder. I create from this place of connection and love.

I am a self taught artist. I have been and still am a singer, a seamstress and a photographer as well as a jewelry artist. My love of jewelry and unique gemstones is my passion.  It is my mission to bring you the customer and wearer of my art not only interesting hand crafted jewelry, but pieces that let your personality come through, because you are unique, one of a kind, just like the gemstones I use in my work.  The connection with you, whether it be spiritually or intellectually is very important to me.
I also want to bring to the jewelry and artisan market, pieces of hand crafted jewelry that are environmentally conscious and help to support other United States artisans. I purchase many of my stones from United states lapidary artists and I have a line of sheet metal pieces made from recycled copper that I source locally. I also use Argentium silver which is created from recycled sterling silver. It is more pure than sterling (argentium is .935 silver), and more ta ... view more »


More About the Artist

Themes in Work:

Bold, Feminine flowing lines. Unique gemstones with interesting marking and color.

Professional Affiliations:

Cape Cod Women's Association, Cotuit for the Arts Memeber, Arts Foundation of Cape Cod member.

Where Work is Displayed:

On-line on my website, Surge Boutique in Dennis, MA Artisan shows like the Artist Shanties, Hyannis, MA


Custom designing for Jewelry

Fees / Price Range:

$50-$325 for finished jewelry on website. Custom designs include materials cost plus $25/hr for designing.

Contact information