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Christine O'Dell-Ferguson

Chris O’Dell Ferguson was born and raised in a rural area; it was that life that gifted her with a love of nature and all of its forms. It has been an inspiration that has led her on a lifelong journey of exploration of her art in several different mediums. Including acrylics, watercolors, mixed media, pastel painting, and several forms of sculpture.
Although she chose to pursue an art degree in college, she doesn’t believe that it validates a person’s individual creativity, or artistic abilities. She holds strong to the idea that if a person chooses, they can and should follow their own creative path. To her, art is an extension of who we are and what we have to say. It’s our voice without speaking. When you see her work, she hopes that you will share in her love of the never ending exploration.
Chris has led many workshops and is currently an instructor in several mediums, and enjoys guiding people on their creative journeys, in groups, as well as private lessons. She is represented by several art galleries, both on and off Cape Cod. And is also a member of the National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society.
Along the way, she has been lucky enough to have participated in several national exhibitions, been published internationally, and shown locally, as well as nationally. She has graciously accepted a few awards, and feels truly blessed to have gained several gallery representations.

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