The Society of Cape Cod Craftsmen

The Society of Cape Cod Craftsmen

Association/Club/Group - Festival Producer



 451 Stoney Brook Road, Brewster, MA 02631

The Society of Cape Cod Craftsmen is one of the oldest craft organizations in New England and is home to some of the most inspiring and talented craftsmen. Our community of Cape Cod crafters represents a range of mediums including pottery, glass, wood, metal, fiber, textiles, paper, and jewelry.  We are a volunteer based organization with an elected board among our members. Most members participate in our annual craft fair which is held during the second week of August at Drummer Boy Park in Brewster, MA.  This year’s fair will be held August 9, 10 & 11 2016.  What makes this show truly unique is that it takes place mid week, Tuesday through Thursday, and the show is exclusively organized and run by the craftsman membership. Throughout the rest of the year, many members will welcome you into their Cape Cod workshops for an intimate look into their creative process and a unique shopping experience.