Academy of Performing Arts

Academy of Performing Arts



 PO Box 1843, Orleans, MA 02653

It is with great pride that we continue to welcome students, parents, volunteers, board members, sponsors, donors and audience members alike to take part in our mission to enrich the community through the performing arts. We have many people to thank for our continued success: from Gordon and Betsy Argo whose initial vision and daring it was to convert the Town Hall into a Playhouse, to John and Elizabeth Kelly whose vision of a school for the performing arts resident in that Playhouse, to the incorporators, subsequent board members and volunteers whose dedication and hard work have ensured our survival. Add to that a consistently outstanding and dedicated faculty and most importantly the very life blood of our organization…the students, parents, performers and audience members alike who continue to sustain the dream of those founders.

As we begin another busy year of classes in dance, music, theatre, outreach residencies, workshops, assemblies, main stage Playhouse and School productions as well as informal in class demonstrations and presentations, I am left with the clear understanding of one thing. This venerable institution survives because of what it continues to offer this community. Music, dance, drama, and the opportunity to find it within yourself and share it is a magic like no other. Long may we pursue this noble adventure and keep the possibilities and dreams alive for generations to come.