Aug 06 2022
Olivier Suire Verley One Man Show Reception

Olivier Suire Verley One Man Show Reception

Presented by Addison Art Gallery at Addison Art Gallery

Previewing Friday, August 5 and at as works are completed. Showing works year round; works ma be reserved at any time.

Always looking for new lights, Olivier travels often, to Italy (Rome, Venice), Vietnam, Morocco, Spain, Egypt, Mauritius. . . He shows throughout France, in China, Japan and, in the United States, exclusively at the Addison Art Gallery. His work is featured in multiple books and films.

Artist's Statement:
My first inspiration remains the human being and its environment, its connivance; small scenes of life become exceptional if one knows how to pay attention to them. Fleeting lights and movement, dynamics, our hesitations that give a meaning to life.

I love the Addison Art Gallery. The eclecticism of Helen's choices, the friendliness of her collector friends, their loyalty and courage to open themselves to less conventional art forms. I too live on a coast: that of an Atlantic island, Île de Ré; its charms, for those who know, could be confused with those of Cape Cod. Light, sand dunes, that "islander" character imposed on us by geography, that seafarers’ solidarity, and the endless sky that opens heart and mind. Helen and I have been working together since 2005. I hope this exhibition will be as lively and full of spontaneity as the previous ten!

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Free Admission

Phone: 508-255-6200


Dates & Times

2022/08/06 - 2022/08/06

  • Aug 6, 2022 at 10:00 am - 07:00 pm (Sat)
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Addison Art Gallery

43 South Orleans Road, Orleans, MA 02653