James Alexander

James Alexander


Website: http://www.whisperingwingsart.com


   460 Quason Drive, North Eastham, MA, 02651

Having taken an early retirement and I am thrilled that I can now dedicate my efforts full time to my art. Having a life-like quality, my carvings are prized additions to many collectors. The awareness of nature is evident in all my carvings and artwork. I attempt to blend the warmth of wood and my love of wildlife into a one of a kind creations. My work centers around waterfowl, shorebirds, wildfowl, raptors and a variety of birds found throughout New England. Prior to creating a carving I spend days, sometimes weeks studying reference material (photos, books, anatomy, feather patterns, etc.)on a particular species to ensure all information is as complete and accurate as possible. I often visits wildlife sanctuaries and other waterfowl habitats whenever possible to photograph my subjects.