Amy Mason

Amy Mason

Graphic Arts - Illustration - Mixed Media - Painting - Textiles - Visual Arts - Home & Retail Styling



   1211 Stony Brook Road, Brewster, MA, 02631

I am an artist and designer known for my whimsical lines of cards, colorful art, and twisted sense of humor. I started my creative business years ago as an outlet for my constant doodling. Thankfully, it has thrived and evolved along with me and my varied interests throughout the years.

My experiences as a graphic designer & home stylist as well as a former shop owner (Stony Brook Design in Brewster and Deep Blue in Dennis) mesh with my artistic side, allowing me to float back & forth easily in my work from paper to three-dimensional spaces.

My inspiration comes from everyday people and random experiences, the simple beauty and historic architecture of Cape Cod, and all things old and quirky.

Vintage Photos have always struck a chord with me. Even if I don't know the subjects, I somehow feel their stories. Much of my newest work combines abstract paintings with old photos, two worlds colliding in an energizing way.

I enjoy connecting with others and creating in many different ways.