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Thirty Six and Crazy

Thirty Six and Crazy

It is often said that we cannot let our life circumstances define us.

It would, however, be a waste if we did not acknowledge the challenges we have had, and share them for the benefit of others.

It is in that spirit that I have created  Thirty Six & Crazy.

As a long time sufferer of autoimmune disease, (Lupus, RA, and Sjogrens) who has come to a blissful point of peace, I felt I should share my experience.  I want others to know my story; not just the path I took to get where I am, but also the trials along the way, and how I felt physically and emotionally while getting here.

Yes, I am an Autoimmune Warrior… but more importantly I am a photographer, a sculptor, a kitchen designer, a contractor, a lover of the outdoors and Adirondacks, and a vlogger.

Most important of all- I am anything I choose to be.

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