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The Groovalottos

The Groovalottos

The GroovaLottos are a power-house trio serving up a blend of soul-funk-blues that packs clubs and dance floors with true music fans. Comprised of award-winning, seasoned touring and studio session musicians. The group is comprised of Eddie Ray Johnson, drums and vocals; Mwalim DaPhunkee Professor, keyboards and vocals; and alternately Christopher “Redbone” Sweeting, and Mel Coombs on bass and vocals.

To some, they are simply a high energy band that makes you want to dance, or at the very least bob your head, sit back, and feel cool just by being in the audience. For the band, and a growing number of fans, The GroovaLottos are on a spiritual mission to unlock the spirit and the soul through the music of the ancestors. Said to play with their souls instead of their hands, and heralding from Cherokee, Choctaw and Wampanoag communities, they are also known as the ‘Soul-Funk Song Keepers of Native America.”

The GroovaLottos are available for gigs, events, sessions, festivals, powwows, private functions, workshops, and residencies. Also offering lectures on Afro- Native music.

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