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Nickerson Art Gallery

Nickerson Art Gallery

Art Gallery in Downtown Chatham 
Representing Cape Cod -its people, history and environment through local artists.

Representing Cape Cod- its people, history and environment through local artists and artisans.

Gallery owners pastel painter , Ginny Nickerson and photographer, Shareen Davis’ partnership was born from a collaboration of artists who had an opportunity to get together for a summer season to open an art gallery in the Nickerson family-owned building that was built by Ginny’s Grandfather in the 1930′s. After a successful summer, Ginny and Shareen decided to continue on as partners. Nickerson Art Gallery represents nationally recognized local artists and artisans, many of whom, including the owners, are directly descended from William Nickerson, the founder of Chatham.

Nickerson Art Gallery, situated in a stand-alone building in historic downtown Chatham, is within walking distance to the Nantucket Sound, the Atlantic Ocean and wonderful retail shops and restaurants.

The Gallery is both traditional and contemporary in nature and brings an eclectic sense of Cape Cod

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  1. I bought second hand a painting of what I believe to be the three sisters mountains, it it extraordinary. It is signed G. Mickelson. It really looks like your style, I cherish it. I live in an old church building and it hangs here. I bought it in Lethbridge, Alberta.


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