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Miller White Fine Arts

Miller White Fine Arts

At Miller White Fine Arts, the cornerstones of our representation include a discerning eye, appreciation for fine aesthetic sensibilities, a fierce commitment to the artist, and avoidance of blind loyalty to conventional standards in collecting art.

Two overarching initiatives define our mission. Foremost is the discovery of innovative fine art through discovering the artist who makes it. To us, the two are inseparable. We are noted for our success in bringing the highest integrity and quality to our representation, coupled with an abiding talent in producing some of the most eminent exhibitions of contemporary fine art on Cape Cod. Next but not least is the careful cultivation of the artist/collector relationship into one of mutual relevancy, wherein the purchase of artwork raises the aesthetic of a new owner’s life and contributes to his or her legacy.

We represent a diverse collection of two and three dimensional artworks in a variety of aesthetic traditions and media, specializing in abstract art, as well as narrative, color field, representational and figurative, land and seacape, cubist, collage and assemblage. When advising collectors, our predominant advice is against a prejudicial favoring of the industry’s prevailing school of thought as to what ultimately constitutes the value of art; foremost, we encourage collectors to acquire artworks that invoke an aesthetic, personal engagement over ones that appear to be financially lucrative investments.

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