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Toni Newhall

I don’t know how to have a life without art. It’s what I have always done. I have a distinct memory about age four, coloring in a coloring book with my grandpa.  He took a crayon from the pile and colored a man’s arm green then there was an orange face!  “People don’t have green arms and orange faces”, I scolded him. His answer was, “I can make it any way I want.”  This was a great revelation at such an early age (better than coloring outside the lines), you are allowed to take something and make it your own! Through art, I found a voice of my own.

I am drawn to the idea of multiples, expressed either as a series of works or as repeat motifs in a single piece. My inspiration typically comes from natural objects, or by observing the smaller parts of a whole, expanding on the details of a thing. By experimenting with layering, texture, and depth, more and more I want it to feel like there are unseen worlds within each piece. I do some realistic looking pieces but most of my work ends up as an abstraction of something, like a planet that really isn’t a planet or an undersea world of the imagination.

I was born and raised in Colorado where I received a BFA from Colorado State University in 1976. In the earl 80’s, my husband and I moved to Maine for two years then to Cape Cod where we have lived now for more than 25 years. We have a son and daughter, both grown. For more that 30 years my primary income came from custom designing and painting needlepoint canvases. Now my primary ... view more »

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Arts Foundation of Cape Cod, Three Fish and a Ram Community Art Center



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