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Sarah Conrad-Ferm

Sarah Conrad-Ferm, has been honing her artistic skills for over 35 years. Studying art throughout school, earning a BFA in painting from The Cooper Union, including illustration courses at Parsons followed by masters classes in Art Therapy at Pratt Institute. She credits her mother’s writing career and her father’s art career for her love of both art and storytelling.

Sarah’s recent work is based on imagery from Cape Cod where she now lives with her husband and two sons. She uses her own photographs of local places and people as reference for her paintings.

“I hope to create an image that is familiar and nostalgic for the viewer. I think the paintings encourage a sentimentality about a time and place.

We all experience our days noticing scenes and moments that move us. Each of us would take different photographs of the same event. And from the photographs, we might extract different aspects that we feel are important. I seek, capture and then study scenes, attempting to recreate the details that I find beautiful and want to share with the viewer.

I am very interested in themes of time, memory, and beauty in ordinary and quiet places.”



More About the Artist

Themes in Work:

Landscape, Beaches, Figures, Summer, Night, Cape Cod


Commissioned paintings

Fees / Price Range:

$25.00 - $6,000.00

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