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Marisa Repeta

When I start a painting, my inspiration often starts with colors that I see in nature. I am drawn to combinations of colors that I want to paint- for example, a warm yellow orange combined with blue and violet, or a pale pink combined with a bluish grey. It is not so much the subject that matters to me as far as representing it in a traditional way. The subject becomes a vehicle for my expression of color and composition. As I work, I change the location of the subject until it fits in the space on the canvas in an interesting way. It needs to create a relationship with the edges of the canvas and create interesting negative shapes in the background.

I like to keep a sense of mystery in my paintings. That is why they are not too representational. I think it is this abstract quality that allows a viewer to contemplate and to live with the painting. I often work on a painting for weeks or months, building up the colors as I let the layers dry. As I build up the colors, the colors underneath are very important in creating a sense of depth. Part of my process also involves allowing a painting to sit for a while before finishing it so that I can look at it objectively. I am bold with changes if something is not working, even if it means ultimately ruining the painting. Creating unsuccessful paintings is an important part of my process because I always learn from them. I believe that I cannot be afraid while painting; it is this boldness that surprises me in the end and makes me fa ... view more »

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seascapes, marshes, floral, color

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Arts Foundation of Cape Cod

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BayMaro Studios; Duxbury, MA


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