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K. E. Sekararum

K. E. Sekararum is a multi-media and performing artist whose work currently focuses on intaglio printmaking techniques. Elizabeth spent 20 years in Indonesia where she devoted herself to performing, preserving and promoting the traditional arts of East Java. In addition to managing the Mangun Dharma Art Centre, Elizabeth performed as a singer and dancer throughout the archipelago, on national television, and as the host and star of Elizabeth Nyindhen (Elizabeth Sings), a weekly regional television program that showcased traditional gamelan orchestral music. During her time in Indonesia, Elizabeth learned to embody the rituals, symbolic animism and mysticism that infuse so much of the Javanese performance aesthetic. Combining her passions for theatre, dance, music and the visual arts, and building on her performing arts career and extensive ethnographic research, Elizabeth earned a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Western Australia in 2014. In 2016, Elizabeth completed a Certificate in Green Printmaking at Zea Mays Printmaking. Her work is included in the Zea Mays 2017 flat files and archives. Elizabeth is also a member of the Boston Printmakers and the Printmakers of Cape Cod. Using the technique of copper plate intaglio, Elizabeth’s current work explores her Javanese experiences. No longer daily immersed in the life of a Javanese singer and dancer yet enriched by years of experience, Elizabeth’s work questions states of identity and embraces the dist ... view more »

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