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Jane Lincoln

This artist is a Creative Exchange member of the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod.

Artist Jane Lincoln explores the astonishingly limitless qualities of color and invents series that focus on color relationships. Her work invites viewers to pause and observe the power of color.

Each painting is a collage of hand-painted bands of paper adhered to a board. The paintings stand out from the wall in order to project a color surrounding the work. Her landscapes paintings include a sliced photograph.

Her “Quarantine Diary Project” began at the start of the pandemic. Each daily drawing reflects her mood, a situation in the news, the weather, or something she has experienced. She posts on Instagram jane.lincolnartist.

Lincoln earned her MFA from MassArt and teaches classes in color theory.


Resume (PDF)

More About the Artist

Themes in Work:

Contemporary Cape Cod Landscapes Minimalist Paintings White-line Woodblock Prints Daily Drawing Diary

Professional Affiliations:

MFA, Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Where Work is Displayed:

Cove Gallery, Wellfleet; Kentler International Drawing Space, Brooklyn, NY; Kingston Gallery, Boston, MA

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