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Donna Mahan

Donna Mahan, Mixed Media Sculptor and Metal Smith


Primarily a sculptor, Donna Mahan works in mixed media, incorporating glass, metal, wood and other found objects to create her renowned, colorful and richly-textured abstract works. Inspiration for Mahan usually begins with a single found object-it could be the curve of a broken piece of pottery or fine china, the bold structure of an otherwise plain vase, or anything from a seashell to an abandoned musical instrument or even a piece machinery – and she builds from there. The broad scope of her work ranges from flat panels to fully three-dimensional sculptures. Mahan’s work has been seen extensively in galleries and photographs of her work have appeared in numerous publications. She has also collaborated with other artists on community projects and participated in special exhibitions throughout the region, including two shows at the Cape Cod Museum of Art. She frequently takes on commissions to incorporate personal mementos of her clients. She will often apply her signature rich aesthetic sensibilities and techniques toward the creation of more utilitarian pieces such as bold lampshades, colorful wall-scones, luminaries and boxes-and even an occasional architectural feature.


Though Mahan is largely a self-taught artist, she has developed her techniques and gained expertise in various media through residency programs and workshops including an eight week residency at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina; Corning St ... view more »



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