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Diana Lee

Portraits and figures by Diana Lee: 

Since her art school days back in the 1970s  Diana has been painting and drawing the portrait and figure. Of all the subject matter that Diana has done over the years the Portrait and Figure have been where her true passion lies and where her heart is. 

It is within these portraits and figures that Diana strives to express the individual light, essence, energy and presence of each person.

Observing works done by Picasso and Matisse seen in art books and while visiting the art museums opened up a new world beyond the traditional approach to the portrait and figure for Diana.  These artists are Diana’s Muses and continue to be an inspiration in her painting. 

While as an art student , one of Diana’s first jobs, was as a portrait caricature artist for Legal Seafoods, in Cambridge.  There, she would sketch the patrons waiting to be seated in the dining room.  When hired the owner of the restaurant had told her that he had interviewed over 200 artists for the job before meeting and watching Diana sketch!

While raising her family Diana has worked for extra cash as a portrait artist in the Falmouth Mall during the holiday season and occasionally at company parties throughout the year.  She did sketches mostly of children in pastels and charcoal. 

In 2018 Diana joined the Friday Figure group, at the Falmouth Art Center.  She sketched and painted the portrait with a small group of artists for several years until the Center was closed ... view more »

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