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Daniel Wagner

 Daniel was born in 1955 in a small town in northeastern

Wisconsin. He remembers always having an interest in 

the arts and being drawn to the paintings of the 

contemporary masters. He went on to attend the 

University of Minnesota receiving a degree in Architecture. 

Daniel worked  as an Architect for over 25 years, for 

many of those years he focused on commercial projects 

creating many major architectural wonders  that dot the

skylines of London, Shanghai, Barcelona and Chicago.

In 2008 Daniel retired from being an Architect so that

he could devote himself full time to painting. In the first

couple of years he did several groups shows in the Chicago

area many solo shows.

In 2012 Daniel came to Provincetown on a part time basis, at which point he immersed himself in painting, he later saw this as quest to better understand the art, the artist and how he could best redefine himself as the artist within. In 2016 he moved to Provincetown and became a fulltime member of the local art community.

To spite all of his training in Art and Architecture Daniel considers himself to be a self-taught artist. His first love and greatest early focus was in Abstraction, when he first started to paint on a full time basis his works tended towards the architectonic in nature , eventually he started to depart from some of the constrictions and  limitations of lineal and geometric forms. Eventually he discovered the human form as a subject matter. He came to see the human form as a ... view more »


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