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Christina Straight

Christina Straight is an artist residing in Yarmouth, MA. As a former professional dancer, Straight made a transition from the performing arts to the visual arts as a primary form of creative expression. Her modern dance background is reflected in her paintings with lively brushstrokes creating movement. Conceptually, her work is focused on the human psyche. She is interested in the relationship between reality and our perception of reality. This concept is explored deeply through layers and shapes representational of the tangible world and the surreal. Her work often originates from a personal place initiated by a memory or dream. Working freely, the painting transforms from a personally expressive tone to a piece recieved by the viewer on a broader level in which the dialogue is extended to the collective. Most recently, she was personally selected to show her work at The Other Art Fair by Saatchi, in NYC. Straight’s paintings are in galleries, restaurants and private collections throughout the country.


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