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Andrea Scofield

Andrea Scofield

Andrea has been showing her artwork on the Cape for about 25 years. She was always very artistic but in the early 80’s decided to concentrate on her watercolors full-time. She lives in Falmouth with her husband Frank and little JRT Sammi.

She is a self-taught artist and has established her own style over the years. “Each painting is a new adventure for me and its completion, another learned experience in my world of painting.” Andrea loves painting her florals. It is difficult to try to capture nature but Andrea feels she’s up for the challenge. “When I paint, I lose all track of time and in that world of painting I try to capture what is in my mind and record it on paper. Many attempts go by the way but also among those attempts are some creations that I show.”

Andrea is most known for her “Circle of Lights” painting of the lighthouses of the Cape and Islands. It is her “Claim to Fame” that we all strive for. “It was really a request from my customers. When I finished it, I was very pleased but never expected how popular it would become.”

More About the Artist

Themes in Work:

Lighthouses of Cape Cod, florals and Cape scenes

Professional Affiliations:

Arts Foundation of Cape Cod

Where Work is Displayed:

Pairpoint glassworks in Mashpee commons, Mashpee Ma.

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  1. We had purchased your Circle of Lights painting from the Kennedy Galleries in Chatham when our son was young. Now he is a grown man and we shave him the painting. We are trying to get one of our own. We do not know if it it is possible. We would love to have one. Can you let us know how we can do this.

    Edie and Lou Kash


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